July 14, 2009

Greek Muslims

Greek Muslims | Global Greek Muslim Community

Welcome! You are now part of the only dynamic online global Greek Muslim community. Finally, you have a place to :

  • connect with other Greek Muslims around the world
  • have access to the most updated news that relates to you
  • to find balance between Islam and culture


July 11, 2009

Muslim Grower

Share the Inspiration
Whether you are just starting growing or have been cultivating for a while, you can share your inspiration with muslimgrower. We have topics running on organic gardening, growing your own food, and gardening in general. Use these forums to discuss garden plants, gardening, organic gardening,vegetable gardening, container gardening . Or just start a thread on the gardening topic of your choice!

Site: Muslim Grower

June 28, 2009

Muslim Forums

As Salaamu Aalaykum,

If you know of any other Muslim Forums please post a link and a some details in the comments section.

June 2, 2009

Attachment Parenting Muslim Community

AP Muslim was created for Muslims practicing attachment parenting within the confines of Islam.